Welcome to the homepage of DARe-Learning project:


Disability Awareness of Academic Teachers: Improvements through E-Learning


This is one of very few websites with an offer for academic teachers focusing on improving their professional competences in modern teaching methods for disabled students and their understanding of the daily lives of persons with disabilities as members of society.

Whilst the DARE and DARE 2 projects  have produced classroom-based training programmes for academic teachers, DARe-Learning is developing a free-of-charge distance learning course. You can use this tool thanks to financial support from the Lifelong Learning programme as well as four excellent European academic centres: the Jagiellonian University of Krakow, Pierre and Marie Curie University of Paris, Charles University of Prague, and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. These institution make up the DARe-Learning project consortium and have their own internal disability support services with the knowledge of and experience in educational support for disabled students, the foundation of this course. Some of the staff working for those dedicated services are active researchers or lecturers, and so the course we are offering includes all the key aspects for both the learners and the teachers.

DARe-Learning is about getting to know one another. We are becoming familiar with each other’s needs, including those stemming from a specific disability type and degree. We are all learning in order to create and develop better, knowledge-based, societies, where no-one is excluded on grounds of their disability or for any other reason.

We also invite teachers from all types of schools that are not institutions of higher education to use this innovative course. Completing the course will surely improve your work with disabled learners/students, if they have already attended or will attend your classes or lectures.

The e-learning platform in a version accessible to all the users, regardless of disability type or degree, was being developed by the Jagiellonian University Centre for Distance Learning.